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This is our story

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A history of success

It’s all about the tastes and aromas from home. The birth of Halva Kingdom began in 1947 in Morocco, where the founder specialized in traditional domestic production of Halva. And it wasn’t long before the word about his unique flavorful Halva was well known throughout the entire country. The family relocated to Israel, and opened what’s known today has Halva Kingdom, the highest quality halva in the world.

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Quality is a family tradition

The process of making halva is time consuming and we put great pride in it. Our Halva and Tahini are made with the traditional handmade technique and we only use premium Ethiopian Humera sesame seeds.

The sesame seeds get cleaned, dried and then roasted over gas-powered flames at perfectly precise temperatures (rather than the conventional steam). The reason we do so is to maximize the full flavor and its nutritional values.

A treasure of flavors

The seeds are then ground by an authentic process of grind-stoning. Although this method is 10 times slower, it maintains the quality of the sesame, its freshness, and its nutritional values. We receive a “raw Tahini” paste also known as sesame butter, which is the main ingredient of our Halva.

We add a boiled and whipped sugar foam in a particular way that produces the confection’s and melting texture.

We then hand-knead it while adding various flavors by hand to produce the most coveted and fluffy Halva.

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Our Values

Through our initiatives, we give back to our communities and empower our employees to volunteer.

Connecting People Through Food

Sesames is a gastronomical experience that goes beyond the simple act of eating food. Our goal is to connect people through food and make them exploring the full aroma and amazing flavors that the Middle East has to offer. Food that nurses your body and soul. We strongly believe food tastes better when shared.